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Archives News Phil Collins : 2016

Les archives des News people de Phil Collins pour l'année 2016 : les news, photos & vidéos qui ont marquées l'année 2016, la Presse People de 2016 avec Phil Collins...

Toutes les News de 2016 :
25/10/2016 Phil Collins Witnessed Princess Diana's Affair and 7 More Shocking Revelations From His Memoir
24/10/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins on memoir, "Not Dead Yet," family and career
23/10/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Back After 6 Year Hiatus
22/10/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins'Details Journey With Gensis
21/10/2016 VIDEO : Genesis Frontman Phil Collins Went From Workaholic To Alcoholic
21/10/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins On His Book ?Not Dead Yet?
18/10/2016 Phil Collins Reveals 14-Year Feud With Paul McCartney: 'You F--k'
17/10/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Going Back To Music
15/06/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Is "Not Dead Yet" With New Autobiography Coming Soon
12/03/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Returns To The Stage After 5 Years
03/03/2016 Phil Collins' Ex-Wife Orianne Alleges Second Husband Coerced Transfer of $8.4 Million Mansion for $1
02/03/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Returning to Music?
27/02/2016 Phil Collins Confesses His Initial Reaction to End of Collaberation with Adele: 'I Guess I Didn't Pa
27/02/2016 Phil Collins Explains Why He's Not on Adele's New Album: 'I Guess I Didn't Pass the Audition'
26/02/2016 FROM EW: The Crazy, Charming Confessions of Phil Collins: 'I Realize I Pissed a Lot of People Off'
26/02/2016 WATCH: Is Phil Collins Ready to Remarry His Ex-Wife Orianne?
24/02/2016 VIDEO : Phil Collins Knows He Annoyed People Back in the '80s
23/02/2016 Phil Collins to Remarry His Third Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey After $46 Million Divorce
23/02/2016 Against All Odds, Phil Collins Will Re-Marry Ex-Wife Orianne, She Says - Despite Their $46.68 Millio
29/01/2016 Phil Collins on Being Back with His Third Wife After Their Record-Breaking 2008 Divorce Settlement: