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Alec Baldwin
Acteur, Producteur exécutif, Réalisateur
Born 03/04/1958 (63years)
Born : Balance
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09/04/2019 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Tweets That He Could Beat Trump In Presidential Race
18/02/2019 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Tweets About His Fears
23/01/2019 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty In Harassment Case, Agrees To 1-Day Anger Management Class
23/01/2019 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty To Harassment Charge, Accepts Anger Management Class
26/11/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Enters Not Guilty Plea in Parking Spot Assault Case
03/11/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Slapped With Assault After Allegedly Hitting Man
02/11/2018 VIDEO : Actor Alec Baldwin Arrested For New York Parking Lot Brawl
02/11/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Arrested Over Parking Spot Fight
02/11/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Arrested In Alleged Fight Over Parking Space
02/11/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Reportedly Punched Someone Over A Parking Spot And Got Arrested
22/10/2018 VIDEO : Ratings For ?The Alec Baldwin Show? Go Up
15/10/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin's ABC Show Bombs
10/10/2018 VIDEO : Why Does Alec Baldwin Think African-Americans Love Him?
10/10/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Says ?Black People Love Me? For His 'SNL' Trump Impression
21/09/2018 VIDEO : Will Alec Baldwin Play Donald Trump On ?SNL? Again?
18/09/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin's Will Be Batman?s Dad In Joaquin Phoenix ?Joker? Film
17/09/2018 VIDEO : Brent Cullen Takes Over Alec Baldwin's Role As Batman's Father In 'Joker'
15/09/2018 VIDEO : DirecTV, Vertical Gets Salma Hayek And Alec Baldwin Comedy ?Drunk Parents?
30/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin drops out of the Joker movie
29/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Announces He Won't Be In The 'Joker' Film After All
28/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin to star in The Joker
28/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin To Join Joker Origin Movie As Thomas Wayne
28/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin tp Play Batman?s Dad In The Upcoming Joker Movie
28/08/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Joins Cast Of Joker Origin Movie
29/06/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Jokes About #MeToo
07/05/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Responds To Piscopo
06/05/2018 VIDEO : For Fans Of Alec Baldwin's Trump Impersonation
02/04/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin's an 'old school' parent
14/03/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump are Feuding on Twitter
01/03/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Gets His Own ABC Talk Show
28/02/2018 VIDEO : ABC Orders "Sundays With Alec Baldwin" Talk Show
08/02/2018 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Has Hip Replacement Surgery
12/12/2017 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin, Kenya Barris Developing New ABC Comedy Show
07/12/2017 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin Doubles Down On His Criticism Of John Oliver
05/12/2017 VIDEO : Alec Baldwin to host his own talk show on ABC