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Archives News Elle Evans : 2014

Les archives des News people de Elle Evans pour l'année 2014 : les news, photos & vidéos qui ont marquées l'année 2014, la Presse People de 2014 avec Elle Evans...

Toutes les News de 2014 :
28/08/2014 Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 Wears Crop Top, Shows Off Flat Stomach Two Months After Giving Birth: Pi
24/07/2014 Jenelle Evans Debuts Baby Boy Kaiser at 1 Month With Family: Pictures
08/07/2014 Jenelle Evans Wears Bikini Less Than One Week After Giving Birth!
01/07/2014 Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 Gives Birth to Second Son Kaiser With Boyfriend Nathan Griffith
12/06/2014 Jenelle Evans -- Back On The Market!
10/06/2014 Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 Officially Divorces Courtland Rogers After More Than a Year of Marriage
10/06/2014 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Divorced
02/06/2014 Jenelle Evans, Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Celebrate Baby Shower: Picture
17/05/2014 Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Photos: Teen Mom Slips Into Bikini, Hits the Beach
08/05/2014 Farrah Abraham Isn't Welcome Back To Teen Mom
03/05/2014 Jenelle Evans Files For Divorce From Courtland Rogers
15/04/2014 Jenelle Evans Is Apparently Proud Of This
25/03/2014 Jenelle Evans' Mom Finds Out She's in Jail, Says "She Can Be Such a Little B---h"
23/03/2014 Kim Kardashian Stuns in Cleavage-Baring Dress, Rihanna Uses Hilarious Jenelle Evans Clip to Promote
23/03/2014 Rihanna Uses Hilarious Jenelle Evans' Teen Mom 2 Clip to Promote Her Monster Tour
26/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Comes Forward About Drinking While Pregnant
25/02/2014 Warrant Issued for Jenelle Evans' Husband Courtland Rogers
24/02/2014 Jenelle Evans And Tyler Baltierra Chat About Marriage
24/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares New Baby Bump Photo
22/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares Pic of Newly Colored Hair...Then Says She Didn't Color It
22/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Spills On Pregnancy Scare After Abortion
18/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Speaks Out About Engagement and Marriage to Boyfriend Nathan Griffith
18/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Speaks Out About Upcoming Divorce
17/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares A Photo Of The Inside Of Her Home
17/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Notes That She Has Been Unfollowed Following Her Feud With Kail Lowry
17/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals How Far She Is In Her Pregnancy
15/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Slams Kail Lowry For Posting A Link To A Story About Her Drug Use
15/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Tells Kail Lowry To Leave Her "The F**k Alone"
15/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Announces Plans To Quit 'Teen Mom 2?'
15/02/2014 Pregnant Jenelle Evans Accidentally Admits That Her Number Is The One Behind The Drug Use Texts
14/02/2014 Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans' Estranged Husband, To Raise Another Man's Baby?
14/02/2014 'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer-Calvert, Jeremy on Twitter: Jenelle Evans Steals, JC Forgives
14/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Studies 'Gland Disease' in Between Filming
14/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Says Only True Love Can Save Her: Will She Get Her Wish?
14/02/2014 Courtland Rogers Contacts Jenelle Evans On Twitter, Says He Wants A Divorce
14/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Threatens To Write About Kail Lowry After She Slams Her For Abortion, Nude Photos?
14/02/2014 Kail Lowry Slams Jenelle Evans For Using Abortion As Birth Control
12/02/2014 Briana Dejesus Slams Chelsea Houska
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Go Head To Head On Twitter
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Ex Gary Head Confesses to Cheating
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Estranged Husband Defends His Title, Says He's Not Yet An Ex
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Feuds Online Over Kail Lowry's Retweet About Abortion And Nude Photo Leak
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Needs Surgery But Her Health And Unborn Baby Make It 'Too Delicate'
12/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Defends Herself After Personal Photo Scandal
12/02/2014 Gary Head Says Jenelle Evans Ruined His Life Following Nude Photo Scandal
11/02/2014 Farrah Abraham Calls Jenelle Evans 'White Trash'
11/02/2014 Gary Head Slams Jenelle Evans In Wake Of Nude Photo Scandal, Says She's 'Selling Her Body Because Sh
11/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Nude Photos: Nathan Griffith's Baby Mama Selling Her Body Because She's 'Broke'?
10/02/2014 'Teen Mom 2' Wraps Production In Los Angeles
10/02/2014 'Teen Mom 2' Guest Star Taylor Lewis Arrested For Drug Possession
08/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Looks About 40 in New Pic, Could Be Mistaken for Her Mother
08/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Baby Bump at 'Teen Mom 2' Event in L.A.
07/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Ex-Fiance Plans For Matching Tattoo
07/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Estranged Husband Courtland Rogers Beats Addiction, Speaks Out After Relapse Video
06/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Husband Courtland Rogers Releases Video Of Heroin Use
06/02/2014 Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith: Positive Reactions Motivate Nathan To Be 'Better'
05/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals How Jace Feels About Having a Brother
04/02/2014 Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 Is Pregnant With Second Boy, Picks Unusual Name With Boyfriend Nathan Gr
04/02/2014 Jenelle Evans' Ex-Fiance Gary Head Threatens to Enlist a Group of Girls to Attach Her and Her Unborn
04/02/2014 Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Calls Farrah Abraham a 'Prostitute,' Shows Boner in Maternity Pics
04/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Puts Nathan Griffith's Family on Blast, Then Deletes the Tweet
03/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Confirms That She's Having A Boy
03/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Baby Gender Revealed!
03/02/2014 Matt McCann Says Jenelle Evans' Unborn Baby 'Shouldn't Look Like That'
02/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Gets Maternity Photos Taken With Boyfriend, Nathan Griffith
01/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Accuses Farrah Abraham of Giving Up Custody of Sophia?
01/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Responds To Farrah Abraham's Comments Regarding Her Pregnancy
01/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Has Scoliosis a 'Little Bit'
01/02/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares More Photos of Her Baby Bump
01/02/2014 Farrah Abraham Hopes Jenelle Evans "Knows What She's Doing" When It Comes To Her Pregnancy
31/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares 2014 Sonogram Photo
31/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Rushed To The Hospital
29/01/2014 Fans Accuse Jenelle Evans of Smoking Cigarettes Based On New Instagram Photo, Sources Speak Out
26/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans: 'I Have the Perfect Life'
26/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Feuds With Courtland Rogers' Girlfriend
25/01/2014 Leah Calvert Speaks Out In Support Of Jenelle Evans
25/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals What She Has To Do To Get Jace Back
24/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Talks Sex of Baby
24/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares Exciting Baby News
24/01/2014 Jenelle Evans' Best Friend Tori Rhyne Betrays Her Once Again
24/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Met Nathan Griffith the Day She Got an Abortion
23/01/2014 Jenelle Evans: Proof She Wasn't Lying
23/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Rocks Belly Ring While Pregnant: See the Photo!
23/01/2014 'Teen Mom 3' Star Alex Sekella Announces She's Pro-Life Following Jenelle's Abortion Episode
23/01/2014 Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out About Jenelle's Abortion
22/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Explains Why She Doesn't Go to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
22/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Hints at 'Teen Mom 2' Season 6
21/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Issues Statement Ahead Of Premiere
21/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Briana Dejesus Continues To Delete Twitter
21/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Plans Big Reveal Of Baby's Sex
21/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares a Photo of Her Pregnancy Belly Ring
20/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend's Ex Wants Him Back
20/01/2014 Fans Criticize Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend for Calling Son Fat
20/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Is Depressed About Nathan's Disloyalties
20/01/2014 Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Speaks Out About Cheating
19/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Continues To Feud With Nathan Griffith's Ex Over Possible Cheating
19/01/2014 Jenelle Evans "Hates" Her Life After Discovering Nathan May Have Cheated
19/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Takes to Twitter to Find Out if Nathan Griffith Is Cheating
18/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Announces She's Following Jenna Jameson, Thinks She's Attending a University
18/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Brags Wants To Compare Paychecks With Ex
18/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Proves Rumors About Nathan Griffith Not Paying Her Attention Are True?
18/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares Video Of New Baby's Heartbeat
17/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Only Trusts Nathan, Not Her Friends
17/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Explains Why She Allowed MTV To Film Abortion
17/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Contacts Estranged Husband Courtland Rogers On Twitter
16/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Clarifies: 'I Had Miscarriage and Abortion'
16/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Can't Remember When She Miscarried
16/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Admits To Never Telling Husband Courtland Rogers About Abortion
15/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Has Cops Called on Her While in New York
15/01/2014 Kail Lowry Hopes Her Dynamic with Jo Rivera Can Someday Be Like Leah's Relationship with Corey Simms
15/01/2014 Jenelle Evans On Pregnancy After Abortion
14/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Slammed for Drinking during Pregnancy
14/01/2014 'Teen Mom 2' Stars Appear For Magazine Interview In NYC
14/01/2014 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Reveals Due Date
13/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Reveals Childhood Secret
13/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares A Baby Bump Photo From NYC
12/01/2014 Jenelle Evans' Soon To Be Ex-Husband Finds Out About Abortion Through 'Teen Mom 2' Trailer?
11/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Husband Courtland Rogers' Girlfriend Reveals She Is a Stripper
11/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Doesn't Care Other Stars Are Making Money Off Her
10/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Won't Let Her Cuss In Front Of Her Son
10/01/2014 Source Close to Jenelle Evans Weighs In on Her Husband's Prison Release
10/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Gets Twitter Followers Suspended
10/01/2014 Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Accused Of Abusing Jace
09/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals Odd Condition With Her Baby Bump
09/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Admits To Lying?
08/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Relives Proposal From Gary Head
07/01/2014 Shooting Near Jenelle Evans' Mother Babs' House, Jenelle Gives Update
07/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Says She Won't Share Pregnancy on the Show
07/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Slammed For Exploiting Shooting Victim?
06/01/2014 Alex Sekella Slams Jenelle Evans for Bad Parenting, Stressing Out Her Unborn Child with Drama
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Spoke To Jace's Father Andrew Last Week
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Feuds With 'Teen Mom 3' Star Online, Leads Them To Quit Social Media?
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Is About To Regain Custody Of Her Son, She Claims
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Lets Loose On In Touch Weekly, Calls Them 'Complete Idiots'
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals She Plans To Breastfeed
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom 3' Star Katie Yeager Weighs In On Briana/Jenelle Feud
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Alex Sekella's Theory on Jenelle Evans
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Denies Having Money: Is She Broke?
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Supports 'Doctor Doom,' Internet Predator Tracker
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Disrespects Briana Dejesus: 'We Are NOT Family'
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans and Brittany Dejesus Fight On Twitter, Brittany Wants To 'Beat A B****', Jenelle Makes
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans on Farrah Abraham: She's Faking 'Couples Therapy'
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Slams 'Teen Mom 3' Star Briana Dejesus' Mother
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Matt McCann Protects His Lady: Furious with Jenelle Evans
06/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Reveals All of Her Followers Hurt Her Feelings?
06/01/2014 Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Nathan Griffith's Ex Is Pregnant
04/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Briana Dejesus Continues to Delete Harsh Tweets to Jenelle Evans
04/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Wants To Purchase A Hummer Ahead Of Baby #2
03/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Calls Out Farrah Abraham for Allegedly Faking Her Relationship on Couples Therapy
03/01/2014 'Teen Mom 3' Star Briana Dejesus Slams Jenelle Evans For Posting About Her Online
03/01/2014 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Hints She Is Not Really Famous?
03/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Reveals Her Plans For A Career In The Medical Field
02/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Makes Exciting Announcement
01/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Shares Baby Bump Photo
01/01/2014 Jenelle Evans Bares Baby Bump