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Archives News Bono : 2016

Les archives des News people de Bono pour l'année 2016 : les news, photos & vidéos qui ont marquées l'année 2016, la Presse People de 2016 avec Bono...

Toutes les News de 2016 :
22/11/2016 VIDEO : Bono Is Giving You A Chance to Drink Tea With Julia Roberts For Only $10
22/11/2016 VIDEO : Donate To Bono's Charity, Win a Date With the Stars!
01/11/2016 VIDEO : Bono named Glamour's first 'Man of the Year'
01/11/2016 VIDEO : Bono Named 'Man of the Year'
25/10/2016 This Hot Russian Instagram Model Only Goes By Sofia
21/09/2016 VIDEO : U2 Lead Singer Bono Wonders if "Trump is America's 'worst idea'?"
25/08/2016 Bill Gates -- I've Got Major Socks Appeal (PHOTO)
23/08/2016 New Clinton Email Dump Shows Bono Requested an Outer-Space Connection for His Concerts
15/07/2016 Chaz Bono Opens Up About His Edgy New Film and Why He's Not Taking on Any Transgender Roles
10/06/2016 VIDEO : Gov. Chris Christie On His Duet With Bono
30/04/2016 VIDEO : Bono, Nile Rodgers Rock Audience At Benefit Concert
29/04/2016 Bono Loves the Kids from Sing Street: 'U2 Were Not as Good'
13/04/2016 TMZ Live: Megan Fox: Brian's the Daddy... but Our Marriage is Still OVER!
13/04/2016 Bono -- Draft Chris Rock to Fight ISIS!! And That's Not Weirdest Part of Senate Speech (VIDEO)
13/04/2016 VIDEO : Bono Advises the US Senate to Use Comedians to Fight ISIS
13/04/2016 VIDEO : Bono Advises the US Senate to Send Comedians to Fight the Islamic State
13/04/2016 FROM EW: Bono Praises Jennifer Lawrence for Gender Equality Stance
13/04/2016 VIDEO : Bono Suggests Sending Comedians to Battle ISIS
07/04/2016 'Bad Girls Club' -- Strippers Agree to Film ... Butt There are Strings Attached
24/03/2016 FROM FORTUNE: John Oliver, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Justin Trudeau Among World's Greatest Leaders
12/02/2016 VIDEO : Chaz Bono to Guest Star on The Bold and the Beautiful
11/02/2016 Chaz Bono to Guest-Star on The Bold and the Beautiful - Get the Details!
03/02/2016 Chaz Bono Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About How Body Dysphoria Stalled His 75-Lb. Weight Loss