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Archives News Angelina Jolie : 2014

Les archives des News people de Angelina Jolie pour l'année 2014 : les news, photos & vidéos qui ont marquées l'année 2014, la Presse People de 2014 avec Angelina Jolie...

Toutes les News de 2014 :
30/12/2014 VIDEO : Sexy Photos of Angelina Jolie At 19 Years Old
22/12/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Says Being Married to Brad Pitt is Hard Work
19/12/2014 VIDEO : Jack O'Connell Talks Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft In Unbroken Interview
16/12/2014 VIDEO : Melanie laurent on working with angelina jolie and brad pitt - ''it was two dream-like month
16/12/2014 VIDEO : Young angelina jolie and shiloh jolie-pitt are identical
16/12/2014 VIDEO : Melanie Laurent on Working With Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: "It Was Two Dream-Like Months"
16/12/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt Steps In As Angelina Jolie Gets Sick With Chicken Pox
15/12/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Misses 'Unbroken' Events Due To Chicken Pox
05/12/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Gets Down On The Floor To Comfort A Fan
03/12/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie is Working Non-Stop to Promote Her Latest Film Unbroken
01/12/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Was In a Car Accident Following Unbroken Screening
28/11/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Will Return to the Big Screen Alongside Brad Pitt
26/11/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie is Upstaged at the Premiere of her Film Unbroken
17/11/2014 VIDEO : Angelina jolie says pow film helped with motherhood
17/11/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Attend The World Premiere of Unbroken in Sydney
04/11/2014 VIDEO : Angelina jolie ''open'' to new political career
22/10/2014 VIDEO : Billy Bob Thornton Discusses Blood Vials He Shared With Angelina Jolie
17/10/2014 VIDEO : Jordin Sparks Has Crush on Brad Pitt, Scared of Angelina Jolie
10/10/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Named A Dame By Queen Elizabeth
07/10/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Feels Connected to Her Mother When She Looks at Her Kids
30/09/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Splashes Out $3 Million on a Watch!
04/09/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Earn $5M for Wedding Pics
03/09/2014 VIDEO : How Brad Pitt Honored Angelina Jolie's Late Mother During their Wedding
29/08/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Finally Married
29/08/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Didn't Have the First Secret Celebrity Wedding
28/08/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Get Married
31/07/2014 VIDEO : Throwback Thursday: Angelina Jolie
31/07/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Sent Romantic WWII-Era Love Letters
24/06/2014 VIDEO : Is Angelina Jolie Quitting The Big Screen?
23/06/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Looks Gorgeous in Japan
11/06/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Launches a Summit to End Sexual Violence in War Zones
03/06/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Won't Modify Her Security After Brad's Attack
30/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie's Son Maddox Has a Long Distance Girlfriend
21/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Thinks Rich Moms Shouldn't Complain
21/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hitting The Silver Screen Together Again
14/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Says Kids are Helping Plan the Wedding
13/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie has a Major Makeup Mishap
05/05/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Preparing to Co-Star in Movie
31/03/2014 VIDEO : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Planning Matching Tattoos
18/03/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Has No Patience for Yoga
17/03/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie on 50 Shades of Grey Rumor
13/03/2014 VIDEO : One More Preventative Surgery Is Needed for Angelina Jolie
12/03/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Taking Cooking Classes
25/02/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Reveals Hardest Thing She's Ever Done
05/02/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Wraps 'Unbroken' Movie
08/01/2014 VIDEO : Angelina Jolie Rumored To Star In Nigella Lawson Movie