VIDEO : Netflix's ?Outlaw King? Is Meh-dieval

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Netflix's ?Outlaw King? Is Meh-dieval

For those of you wondering why ?Braveheart? was only three hours, when the wars of Scottish independence lasted decades, there?s now two more hours of it in the form of ?Outlaw King.? Taking place in the space between William Wallace?s insurgency and the ?Braveheart? coda, ?Hell or High Water? director David Mackenzie?s ruddy, muddy, bloody 14th-century chronicle of the successfully rebellious campaign Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) waged against English king Edward I (Stephen Dillane) isn?t likely to replace Mel Gibson?s Oscar-winning warrior cry in the pantheon of medieval war epics.

Netflix's ?Outlaw King? Is Meh-dieval

09-11-2018 - Vidéo

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