VIDEO : Adele Auditions For Disney's 'Oliver'

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Adele Auditions For Disney's 'Oliver'

Adele is being made to audition for the movie remake of 'Oliver!'. The singer is wanted by bosses to portray Nancy in a new film adaptation of the hit Charles Dickens 1837 novel about the orphaned boy . Despite her success in the music industry, she's not getting any special treatment as she'll have to fight for the part - like everyone else - because they want to make sure she can act and sing. A source close to the Disney production said: "Bosses are still really keen to get Adele on board but they will not be seen to be giving her preferential treatment. It's going to be a huge production and they need to cast the right people with enough stamina."

Adele Auditions For Disney's 'Oliver'

16-05-2018 - Vidéo Adele /

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