VIDEO : Don Cheadle Channels Miles Davis In Latest Project

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Cheadle?s new film Miles Ahead, which he co-wrote, produced, directed, and stars in, isn?t your typical biographical picture. While it borrows its title from Miles Davis?s landmark 1957 album, the movie takes place in the late ?70s?a period where Davis withdrew from the public eye and lived, as Cheadle says, like ?the Howard Hughes of jazz,? s equal parts drama and thriller, as it jumps back and forth between past moments that shaped Davis?including his turbulent relationship with his wife, Frances (played by the radiant Emayatzy Corinealdi) to the messy present, as the jazz legend teams up with a Rolling Stone journalist (Ewan McGregor) on a mission to retrieve a top-secret recording from a shady record executive Cheadle commented, "I keep trying to shoot down ?biopic? every time somebody says it, but it doesn?t matter. I?d rather people call it ?historical fiction? than a ?biopic.??

Don Cheadle Channels Miles Davis In Latest Project

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